Wild Bread Co.

It all started back in 2016; on a farm in Wales...

Two free spirits full of wanderlust spent a few months traveling through Europe. The process of naturally leavened bread, an ancient tradition, was shared with them during one particular stay on a family run organic farm in coastal Wales. Needless to say, the Wild Breadventure began!

Wild Bread Co. Owners Nelson DeMille and Chrstina Bailey at Rutiz Family Farms in Arroo Grande

Owners: Christina Bailey and Nelson DeMille

sourdough starter

Naturally Leavened

From the beginning, our mission has been to make delicious and digestible bread available to our community. That's why every loaf of Wild Bread is 100% hand made in small batches using only the naturally leavened (sourdough) process.

By making bread the ancient way, the slooowww way, a thorough fermentation takes place which leads to many benefits, both for the belly and the tastebuds:

  • weakened gluten

  • Easier digestion than non-sourdough breads

  • longer shelf life

  • more flavor!

Where every loaf of Wild Bread begins; a ripe jar of sourdough starter


Of Gratitude